‚ÄčNino's Pizzeria & Eatery


Our Story

Who is Nino? 

The concept for Nino's Pizzeria and Eatery was born many years ago by Jerry Maltese. Nino means little boy in Italian. When Jerry was a little nino himself he thought that was his father's name because his Italian born grandparents always called him that. He learned later on that was his nickname. Jerry has been in the Italian restaurant business since the early 1980's and cooking with his family for even longer. In March 2014 Jerry, along with his wife Christine, has finally achieved their dream of owning their own ‚Äčrestaurant and purchased Cornerstone Pizza. If you haven't been in a while, please visit. While the name changed to Nino's Pizzeria and Eatery, Jerry's authentic Italian food and pizza in Sevierville will continue delight you!

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